Neil Wilson-Jones

Neil’s mother was very creative in many areas and his sister, Renee Leslie, is a successful artist in South Africa. He likes to think that he shares some of this DNA but he only pursued art seriously after he retired.

He has been fortunate to attend classes at the Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art.  Like many artists, his journey has been one of literal interpretation to impressionism, moving towards abstraction.  He enjoys exploring new techniques and having read chemistry at University, he has fun playing with all these chemical products.

Neil is drawn to strong colours and contrast with an emphasis on simplicity, whether this is landscape, figurative or still-life.  He does not know what his paintings will look like when he starts, preferring to let intuition to guide him. It is in his nature to be impulsive, impatient and generally contrary.  He hopes that his art reflects his “inner voice” and resonates with the viewer.

Tecton Centre, Church Street,

Fenny Stratford, MK2 2NY

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