My name is Luana Stebule (short for Stebuliauskiene).  I am an artist and a poet, born in Lithuania on 29.10.1962, where I studied at A. Martinaitis Art School and Vilnius Academy of Art.  For 20 years I worked in Kaunas Musical Theatre as an artist.  I created 9 very successful scenography projects for the Little Drama and Dolls theatres.  I organised about 20 Solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Italy and also participated in 30 common exhibitions around the Europe.  Projects have included paintings on 10 large walls in hotels, restaurants and schools.

I have been awarded 27 cultural awards for my art works.  My paintings have been acquired by collectors from Australia, USA, Norway, France, Italy, Israel, Germany, Sweden.  In addition to this I have written and published 3 poetry books in my native Lithuanian language.  My poems have been translated into numerous languages including English, Turkish, Italian and Hindi.

Since 2013 I have been living and painting in Milton Keynes. This year for the first time in the UK, I exhibited my pictures in Milton Keynes Art Week.  My pictures are poems, only on canvas and have colours.  A flavour and inspiration driven by my adventures into England, the beauty and charm of the English people and culture, and warmth of my reception.  This summer I had particular inspiration from a David Hockney exhibition, and also fell in love with the Mark Rotho paintings in the Tate Modern.


My art work continues and I am finding further fresh areas for additional inspiration, as well as occasional commissions from individual collectors.  Please enjoy my pictures, they are an individual expression and feel free to find your own impression of their many and varied subjects.  Thank you.

Tecton Centre, Church Street,

Fenny Stratford, MK2 2NY

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