Over the last 5 years Fiona has experimented with various mediums, her favourite is acrylic but she enjoys many others, including mixed media, watercolour and pastels.  She like to paint all sorts - animals, flowers, abstracts - and is definitely a colourist.  She loves to use bright colours, except when she paint animals in pastel when she tends to be more realistic!  She has done some paintings on bark and wood which has been a challenge.  Fiona is happy to talk about commissions.

Fiona also makes contemporary silver jewellery using old and new silver using skills passed on by Mum, a silversmith for over 25 years.
She really enjoys doing quirky pieces made from antique silver and silver-plated cutlery which makes them unique in their design.  Other pieces are made from silver wire or pieces of silver in different thicknesses and shapes, reticulated or fused together.  Each creation is a one off design limited only by our imagination.  She is happy to discuss commissions and/or use your own silver items to create a truly memorable and unique piece.

Fiona Baker

Tecton Centre, Church Street,

Fenny Stratford, MK2 2NY

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